Board of Reference

These are our current Board members:

  • Rev’d Dr Russ Parker
  • Wes Sutton Director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation
  • Rev’d Dr Ali Gray of WholeCare & Gloucestershire University
  • Dr Mike Sheldon of Whole Person Health Trust
  • Dr Geoff Clarke of Essex Christian Healing Trust
  • Dr Paul Worthley formerly Lead Physician at Burrswood Hospital
  • Dr Ross Bryson of PACHC and Karis GP Practice
  • Dr Mervyn Suffield of Forum for Christian Healthcare
  • Rev’d Dr Beatrice Brandon, Archbishops’ Advisor on Health and Healing.
  • Rev’d Dr Helen Wordsworth of Parish Nursing
  • Dr Huw Morgan of PRIME
  • Dr Peter Saunders of Christian Medical Fellowship
  • Dr June Jones of Birmingham University
  • Jonathan Martin of PACHC
  • Rev’d Prof Chris Cook, Project for Spirituality, University of Durham
  • Dr Peter Bruck, Senior Physician, Burrswood Hospital