Disability & Jesus is a group of disabled Christians who organised because they felt that there is a lack of resources available to churches that are up to date with current thinking in the disabled community. Much of the materials available to churches is at least ten years out of date. In that time the law has changed significantly and so have the hopes and expectations of disabled people themselves.

Disability & Jesus feel it is time for a new approach, a user led approach, it is time that all disabled people feel fully welcome and able to play a valuable part in church life.


From it’s humble beginings in a pub in Harrogate D&J have built up a huge following of people on Twitter and other social media platforms; they now have an ambitious idea to create a pan disability accessible Christmas event for 2017.  D&J are working with St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle where they will be putting the event on but will require a lot of help from people to put this on.

You can find out more about what they are putting on by checking out their blog post which goes into a lot more history of how the event came about.


D&J are aiming to prove a event that is signed for deaf people, will have a live stream for those unable to attend, have handouts in both braille and large print, provide ramps, disabled toilets with hoists and much more.


To help Disability & Jesus, they are looking for people with skills in:

  1. Sound
  2. Lighting
  3. Video
  4. Live Streaming
  5. British Sign Language
  6. Braille production

Disability & Jesus are also looking at raising £5995 through their Just Giving Crowd Funding Appeal at


You can also get in touch with Dave at dave@disabilityandjesus.org.uk

or call him on 07703 347107