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Interpreting Bible Stories with Children and Young Teens

Bible stories are often taught to children as if there is a moral or doctrinal lesson which needs to be extracted from them by the right interpretive method. But children naturally prefer to inhabit the stories they read, and make concrete connections with their own situation.

This fascinating study explores from research how children do this and offers a framework to enable us to help them engage effectively—which might even change the way we read as well.

Nursing and the Mission of the Church

Most churches see healing ministry as an important aspect of the gospel, but few recognize the potential for making health care provision a key part of their missional activities.

Parish nursing offers a means for local churches to serve their communities through the work of a registered nursing professional. It also provides the church with a bridge into the lives of those who need the healing that Christ can bring, helping to bring the fullness of life to many more people.

Growing Upwards: The Faith Journey of Christian Young People

In a prevailing culture of scepticism and hostility towards Christianity, young people today face a barrage of challenges to their journey of faith.

This booklet investigates the joys and sorrows encountered by Christian young people in their spiritual journey. It examines what youth workers and ministers, parents and church leaders can do to help their young people along the road to deeper maturity in faith.


Sharing Faith Using Social Media

How can my church utilize social media for outreach and evangelism? Are my online friends real or virtual? And does Jesus really have his own Facebook page?

This compelling booklet draws on primary research to explore these and many other questions. It sets out a series of implications for mission in the inter-connected, tech-savvy world that the church is called to bear witness to today.