The Project For Spirituality, Theology and Health at Durham University were fortunate to have Sister Maggie Ross deliver a seminar on silence and healing.

Silence is itself a matrix of healing. This paper explores what is meant by “healing” and what is meant by “silence”, and the essential role that silence plays in a spiritually/psychologically mature life.

Maggie Ross is the nom de plume of Martha Reeves, who is an Anglican Solitary responsible to Rowan Williams. She has worked extensively in conservation, having co-founded with Gerald Durrell, Wildlife Preservation Trust, now part of the World Wildlife Fund. She has lived and traveled extensively in Alaska by ship, small plane, helicopter and kayak. For many years she has been resident in Oxford, England. Her most recent book is Silence: A User’s Guide, vol. 1. (DLT and Wipf and Stock). She blogs at

You can watch the seminar online here: